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webFEAT Complete has designed and developed sites for over 700 local and national companies. Our customers love our great customer service, design capabilities and prompt response. Read what our customers have to say about webFEAT Complete!

Hearing Solutions Ohio


Thanks to you guys and what we are doing…we have gone from doing $8600 in web sales in 2012 to over $60,000 ytd. We see the potential and need to improve the way we market and are so happy with your help.

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J.K. Meurer Corporation

Chad Miller

Great job ! I have a reminder in my iPhone that says create Blog content and it rings every day for the last 3 months. I feel like I never have time to do it. This is really great that you would be this proactive to write Blog post that obviously helps our search results, but amazingly for someone not even in our industry, was very relevant content.
Thanks again.

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Cancer Support Community

Jamie Eifert

I’m happy to report that the website updates submitted last Friday have all been made and look great! Many, many thanks to Ryan and webFEAT Complete for the quick and thorough work – there were a lot of changes this time.

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Chateau Le Beau

Brenda Buschle

O.M.G.! I just found out I can click on that thing you put on the bottom of my home page (I think you said it was for Pinterest) that has all the questions about saving money on designer brands... HOLY COW! I couldn't read the small one I saw on Pinterest and just thought "hmmm, those are some pretty colors..." Now that I see it enlarged and can actually read it... ITS GREAT! THANK YOU!

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The Bimah

Hirsch Wise

Thanks so much!

All looks great. And I especially like your team's responsiveness to these maintenance requests. With a public project of this nature, things tend to happen quickly-and often with little notice-so it's nice to have some confidence around the ability to post new updates whenever necessary...and with little delay. Just what I was looking for!

I am VERY happy.

Thanks again...

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Armor Services


Wow, we love the changes that have been made to the site in regards to readbility and user friendliness!

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Every Child Succeeds


My first reaction is OMG!! It's clean, simple, easy and totally ECS. I love it...
Thanks again!

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Carepoint Partners


Thank you. You do great work!!!!

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Avenger Carpool

Bob Farr

I got to see my website on a big screen in a Butler Cty. meeting room today. It looked great. I interrupted the meeting to admire it.
The man I met with clicked to different pages and it was very cool.
You guys did a great job.

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Greater Cincinnati Women's Bowling Association

Glenda Lovell

Thought your team might like to know the GCWBA website has won second place in the USBC website competition. We couldn't have done it without your help. Our THANKS to everyone who helped with the design and training.

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January, 2008 Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer

Whoa. I haven't been on Leslie Shiels' web site for a while and hadn't planned on spotlighting it. But I was scanning sites earlier this afternoon and happened onto it and, wow. It's been redesigned into a lean, elegant site. It was a fine "before" - wish I had a before screen shot to show you, but I don't - but now it's even better. Leslie's art is flamboyant, rich, ornate. A busy site would compete with that. So, instead, the site's kept simple. It's remarkably easy to use and to get through. Users can enlarge paintings in pop-up windows. And for those of us just looking for some basic contact info fast, it's right there on her home page. I Googled the site designer webFEAT Complete, Inc. and discovered it's a Cincinnati web company. On their home page, they say that they design with "a clear, direct approach." Well, Leslie's site's proof of that.

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H.E.A.T. Inc

Jeffery D. Ryan

Just a brief e-mail to let you know that H.E.A.T. Inc. is fast approaching the one year anniversary of the launch of our web site. Knowing this, I cannot stress enough how satisfied we are with the results thus far. The web site has been a great marketing tool for us and will continue to be. Your expertise and professionalism is apparent and appreciated. Even more so is your support service. For a company of our size that does not have an IT person, this is of utmost importance. Your response to our problems has been immediate and for that, we thank you. Jeffery D. Ryan H.E.A.T. Inc.

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Applebees - Applesauce, Inc.


Thank you for the quick change! We appreciate it! I've verified it's pointing to the right IP already!

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Assembly Solutions, Inc.


Just a quick note to express how impressive a job webFEAT Complete has done on your web site.( I've used them in the past as well, but looks like I may need to go back for a few upgrades.

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Cincinnati Antiques Festival


I am getting all kinds of compliments on the website. It looks wonderful.

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