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Groups Manager

Groups Manager

Groups Manager is a tool that is provided through webFEAT Complete’s full range of web services. With this feature, the administrator of your website will have power and organizational options to manage the content of the site, how it is accessed, and how it is altered.

With this easy to manage feature, the administrator can place restrictions on the company website. From these restrictions, it eliminates some of the freedom from those not delegated to a particular aspect of the website.

For example, when working with an ecommerce website, restricting the customers to only be able to access the products and features of the site that are useful to them is highly beneficial. Distracting a customer with unrelated links and web page jumps can distract them from their purpose of even visiting your site; to be a consumer of your products or services.

Certain users can be added and removed from groups very easily, which improves the overall organization and functionality of the website. This feature also has great benefits within the work environment. Restricting an individual or team from a particular aspect of the site that has no relevance to their tasks allows them to hone in on their area of expertise. Managing a website and the accessibility that is offered is a simple process that can enhance your website without wasting time.